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Refund Policy

Refunds, if provided, must be handled by Region I Presidents Cup directly (they are not handled through SportsSignup).

Registration Refunds:
Refund Policy for Presidents Cup – To be considered to represent ENYYSA in the Region I Presidents Cup, all terms stated on the application must be met. The entry fee is only partially refundable. Once ENYYSA has selected the teams that will be participating, there will be no refund of the application fee. Exceptions to the partial refund policy (and entitled to a full refund) include: • Your team is not selected • Your team is accepted to the Region I Premier League The Presidents Cup Committee will review the applications and determine which teams will be chosen. The Committee’s decisions concerning team selection cannot be appealed. Teams will be contacted as to whether they were selected or not. Since information on the application is used for determining team selection, it is expected that all applications are accurate and are free of any misleading information.

Store Refunds:
All sales are final.

Additional Resources

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